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December 23, 2008
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touches sunshine by ebas touches sunshine by ebas
another shot convention commission of supergirl done in Atlanta...

sunshine has a particularly new meaning for me and always look forward to drawing i can have her ascending to the much as i like to draw the ASS..this type of drawing is as satisfying... a womans sexual appeal is no match for her angelic beauty...and for me, this is the female form at her best...cute innocent and capture this is much harder than the sexy look...first u need to be able to see woman this way..if u look at a woman and dont ever see beauty...and u see only tits and ass, u my friend are screwed... have u ever seen a woman standing at the park, or the beach with puppies running around...and even though the sun shines through, a slight gust of wind may have blown her soft hair onto her face??? well i have, and the gesture of the hand i drew here is where this comes from...if u look closely, u will notice that she is only using "one" finger and her thumb to pull her hair back.. it portrays grace...and that kinda gives the feeling of if she used her whole woulda looked manish....not good

in high school there were two types of girls u fell in love with...first was the girl by the cafeteria eating a big bean burrito wearing overalls and pimples on her no thats not bad....first was the hot cheerleader...yes thats right, the big breasted girl with the really short skirt on and u sat in the front row of the bleachers to look up her skirt when she was up up top of the pyramid....this is the girl u wanted to be BEHIND while she was on the pyramid and u wished she had no panties on...this in NOT the girl im drawing here

the second girl u fell in love with was the most popular and well liked, not the hottest girl..this girl was the one that if she walked past u and she saw u looking at her, she would smile back at u remember that gaze...that look she gave u cause she knew she could have u on ur knees in two nono-seconds?? thats what i was going for here...supes hair had fallen onto her face when she was looking at u...and she pulled it back slowly...she has ur gaze...i drew the eyes looking RIGHT at us to help captivate. the hair just above her left eye (our) is covering her forehead in a big round shape to help show that the lock of hair was going one way while being pulled the other way..

in an expression like this the mouth open is not necessary because it makes it more seductive and we dont want that here....drawing foreshortening like this is really tricky in the torso area, cause everything gets smaller and closer her boobs are almost at the bottom of her collar bones...the trick i use to not make her boobs look like they were on one get one to fade the line as quick as possible towards the top... to help with the contour, i used a copic marker to color up the top of the "S" and the bottom leaving the center white...makes the jubblies look round but not huge. if i were to draw the top of the boobs and not suggest them, thats the way to get that hooker look.

around her head i didnt draw any clouds to help with the focus and composition.

depth for me is very important.. i feel it separates the boys from the men..i like layering things on top of each other and over lapping to accomplish this.. like at the bottom "inside" left( our) of her cape has two "locks" if u will..of half shaded and the one below that one is almost completely shaded...but coming across both of them is the top part of her cape. it created a three tier cape. top layer is all white, second half grey and third is all grey...really sinks the third layer in.. i used the same technique on the skirt...

i try to remember to have open spaces where ever theres a lot of detail, like the hair, cape and especially the skirt...if u look close at each of those, u will see open spaces in all of when the detail is applied in between them, its not too much detail...

again, eye candy is important to me...i want my viewers to have eye-gasms when looking at my work...normally i take what ever is not nailed down to the girl and flail it about her, cape and what not...the trick with this one was that i didnt want the eye candy to take away from the grace of the pic so i tried to not have the eye candy covering too nothing is compromised...

i dont like drawing the boring standing straight up and down pose, so i always try and have everything off to the side...again, drawn at a hotel and had no reference...all otta my head

pencil and marker

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Loving this.
On a non serious note.

I may not be Clark Kent/Kal-El, but after tonight Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers/Supergirl will call me the MAN OF STEEL.
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Nice you let us know your appreciations and why the importance of this details. Thanks
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Nice,very nice, pretty supergirl
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now this is one super super girl..
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You have skills with a pencil. That much is certain.
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im your biggest fan....
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ive always wanted to meetcha...hello

but i'd say u like ed benes more...heh
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