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January 20, 2009
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naughty queen by ebas naughty queen by ebas
its been awhile since i've posted a hot chick...wanted to make sure to torture u guys a lil...hope it worked...

this is an oldie but a goodie, as u can see by the date i drew it on '07. its of Queen Amadala of starwars done as a commission in texas. yes, i drew it in my hotel room and no this time i was not drunk...i didnt drink much back then. maybe thats why it came out so good. im pretty happy with this one. at the time it was my absolute fav of all con commissions i've ever done. and back then, i believe they only cost 100-150$$

lets start with the composition (the focal point of the image) again, im a fan of breaking the rules, i dont like to have it all dead center...i love unbalanced comp, with the focus waaay of to the side...and its not good for the viewer and NOT recommended. so pls do not quote me...and tell ppl....well eBas does it!!! on covers its especially critical to have centered this case it also applies. cause if u look at the center of this image...u will see...nothing...dead empty space...which i think is my best tool...i love drawing nothing and getting paid for it....kidding.....sorry.....again dead space not dont do it....the proper way to have laid this out would have been to crop her legs off at mid-thigh so that she would have been more centered...cause any artist worth their salt would tell u, u dont really need to see all of her legs...which is true....but since i have no editors and this will never get published...screw all the rules!!!

now a peak at my process...funny how i've never mentioned this if any of u find this technique helpful and succeed in it..i want 15 % of all earnings....i do have paypal.....

now, i already know how to draw, thats not the hard part...the hard part is the foundation, the structure...the "magic" behind it all....or as i like to say.....anybody? anybody?? ....yes very good....MOJO!! its what sets u apart from the herd.

i flip the paper over and jot down thumb nail size layouts...but b4 that, i close my eyes and envision the essence of the character. now since she has no powers, it makes it much harder...and i didnt want to draw the white outfit with the squirt looking gun...the elements i focused on was her head dresses and her robes...i though might make for good eye candy. so i started jotting down various possibilities....her walking, standing, sitting...blah blah...the reason for this is to eliminate thinking....the thinking should happen FIRST... then the drawing.......and it hit me...i know, lets make her'll spice up her boring self...and we all like a lil 4play, so after i jotted down about half a dozen poses (most ppl settle on just ONE...that is ridiculous ) i pick the best pose...and thinking is now done...because if u dont eliminate the thinking...u might struggle in the drawing where should i put this leg?? here? there?? it can really slow u down. and its all down hill from there cause now all i have to do is draw, and i already know how to do that. ....i showed some skin, but not too much...makes u want more...a woman knows how to get under ur skin....this is one of the many ways they can...partly why i chose to show her legs and NOT crop them off...part of the temptation....

like i said the robe and head dress are the eye candy factor here...since amadala has like a million diff outfits i figure i can play god again and make it up. and trust me its a lot of fun....but i remembered that there is such a thing as TOO i remembered balance...which is my "small, medium' big" her hips i left a big open space which is hard for me cause i love detail...and trying to refrain myself is not easy....cause i can be a child sometimes...and ur eye needs to rest in smaller spaces i went crazy and drew a lot of lil detail in that small space....i put a lot of detail on the robe of her left arm to push it back to create depth...

when drawing depth i like to incorporate a lot of "layers"...this especially works with drawing womens hair...i did it with the "belt" of the robe. i put it over her thighs and up around her waist line and going back towards her ass....mmm...ass... GO ASS!!

this sounds stupid, but i do try and put myself in a characters shoes to know what kind of body language this personality might do...and observing ppl in real life helps a lot...

so that night, i was a hot queen with fancy threads...even though everybody has a dark side, royalty wouldnt show she wouldnt be fact she has great posture here, and very poised. and her posture helps emphasize her boobies...she let her robe fall down to her elbows to let her lover know shes ready to ride the pony express...but she only went half way...she has confidence and knows...u will now have to come to she sits and waits....

trying to remember time and space is often forgotten in comics..and from time to time its ok...none of us know why superman can fly without wings...but we just accept it...but i find it helps make a drawing that much more believable...the thing hanging from the left side of her head dress is NOT hanging straight down cause her shoulder is in the way...lil things like this helps give it the more "realistic feel"...ppl often ask me how i do it...this is one of the ways

and to tie the whole piece together i added hanging flower vines with some sun rays in the back...i think it gives a heavenly feel

i forgot to draw the lil patch of hair on the temple of her head underneath the head dress she looks like shes going bald....arrrhhh!! i hate when that happens.. i like tilting the head down for that come hither look..and pointy eyes, brows and lips makes for a "piercing" all, it took me two hrs to complete...

and always always remember....i love the ass

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Nicely done.
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Only good thing about the prequels! Love it!
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Where's the colored version???
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Wow your art is outstanding.Incredible.Amazing.And this peice is tops.Great work
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Just amazing
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very beautiful!
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This would've made the prequels at least bearable.
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could i color this if i gave you all the credit for it links and all that???
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