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Emerald city comic con by ebas
Emerald city comic con
I missed last year so I hope to fill the void that has been missing 😜

GO ASS !!!
The Elements

my current pride and joy. since this is for me,  i'd like u all to meet "The Elements". what started out as the "Mojo girls" is now Passion and Lust. i spent a lot of time designing these girls (even though they dont look like much) and it was nerve racking, i even switched their hair the day i started drawing them. i felt their personalities fit the others better.

read on if ur bored or aspiring:
now, as bizarre as this sounds its "art". for these nude type covers i need a gimmick to sell, unfortunately its the nature of the beast. so i was like, how do i get a 69, tongue, literal tits and GO ASS action on this cover and make it tasteful??? its harder than it sounds, i went through SEVERAL layouts b4 this one was chosen. and freeze framing this one in my mind was harder than most i've ever done. i sat with my eyes closed for hours and moved the camera around every angle to get this right. i had the pose 80% right, but the story telling was off and i had to redo the whole thing again. the hardest part is that there is NO way to use reference for this type of shot. even if i were to ask my cosplay friends to help with the poses, it would just be too difficult. art advise here is STUDY the human figure all day, all the time. its the only way im able to move the figure around and not "need" ref, buts it is necessary.

the top girl has white tiger stripes and shes one of my favorite designs ever, and i cant wait to play with her, shes been fun so far. (wait till u see the other cover) Her name is "Lust" and has a gold tongue and its the source of her power. i aimed for a tasteful image that still tingled the senses and i think it worked. i love drawing women in a "serene" setting more than sexy, sultry or anything else. i feel its when woman are closest to being "art" without being naked. i feel that its most powerful and can literally make it seem like time itself has stopped, when u look at the image.

i'd like to introduce "Passion" (i just realized there's ass in pASSion. what are the odds) she is the source, and what started the whole universe around it all. her hair is made of gold and she breathes passion into anything she wants. i feel shes an extension of me and wish passion was in everything everyone did at all times.

if u look at Lust's hands being placed on passion, u will notice only finger tips connect, this touch is not aggressive or lustful, a "grazed" touch against her skin is more passion. this can be more effective than a handful of breast. story telling with every body part (even hair) is very important to me. i feel it brings one into the image.

take out the cape like sash they have and u will notice the serene feel immediately disappears. u need "flow" to fully accomplish this look and that's why long hair is so important. Nei will be drawing the top figure on the regular version of this, and i have a few other artist wanting to team up as well, so be excited. 




eric basaldua
United States
this is me at a draw-off auction at wizard world texas 09

there is a big room where all these other artist gather and mount up at an easel, and do there stuff....

i know im known for my hot chick drawings, but when holding up a piece of art for a crowd to look at u want to go with something that has more punch....this wolvie and batt piece scored the third highest bid after lee bermejo and marko dejurjovic.... which feels pretty good....and a local radio station that does comics and art interviewed me on this piece...which also feels pretty good...

go ass!!!

Current Residence: LA baby!!
Favourite genre of music: i litterally like everything, rap, country, rock, pop...all expressions of ones self
Favourite photographer: me
Favourite style of art: dynamic art...
Operating System: i dont know squat about computers except how to break them
MP3 player of choice: ipod and itouch...yes i two, i keep losing them
Shell of choice: i dont know what this means
Wallpaper of choice: either a hot chick or art and my friends
Skin of choice: ??
Favourite cartoon character: hmm...prob He-Man
Personal Quote: give me music and i'll build u a house...take away my music and i'll build u a mail box
ok i never do this. i hate typing. and now i have a mrs and shes expecting so im never gonna have time to type again. sniff and sniff again

for those of u that need more eBas art. i update my facebook more often than i do here. its faster and easier. and i have a page run by the awesome and good looking matt bryce. he updates it pretty frequently and bugs me everyday if i have new things to post. so hit it up and make sure u tell him thanks for all his hard work
  • Listening to: love dump by static x
  • Reading: all my replys and many long ones
  • Watching: myself playing with myself
  • Playing: my fiance's thong!!
  • Eating: the eraser shavings off the floor
  • Drinking: rum

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myth2magic Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
Thanks for attending ECCC, appreciate you taking the time to sign some classic Grimm Fairy Tales and Penny for your Soul covers!
ANGEETCOEUR Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016
Excellent... i would like to be draw by you...
Exergys Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well since i'm here i'll be negative.  you made a page yeah your great and never post anything new, or reply to your fans, and Deviant art has had its life, time to move on to paetreon how ever its spelled..... i used to watch you cause i was hoping to see new art from you, but i guess that didn't work out... oh well good luck on your job, later,  not that there will be a later, but you know what i mean
knytcrawlr Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing work, Ebas, always a pleasure to swing by your gallery.

I hope you don't mind, but I layed down some colours on your Starfire…

Hope you dig, keep the good stuff coming.

darknesspharoah Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heard you love ass, me too bro!
Blitzgob Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2016
Are commissions opened? I would like to commissions 2 drawings^^
Germania9 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
How soon will you set up your own PATREON?
Pahart Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hello :-)
great gallery!
greetings from Poland

1-cwc-1 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Cool work!
lovesbunnys Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
ebas you da man! I know this piece is old but I want it hanging in my game room where can I get a print of it? Anybody help?…
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