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White Queeen Torso sun cape Copic no ink HRES epso by ebas
White Queeen Torso sun cape Copic no ink HRES epso

I wanted to try finishing a piece in almost full pencil without inks except the eyes and even though it was a pain it was was also fun and challenging with all the white open space. I have a thing about drawing hair and I love dropping a shadow over the eyes when ever I can so that the sparkles stand out more. I want to start offering these as an option to customers and see if it flies. Hope you guys like it and she needs a home, so if you think this will make a good holiday gift please let me know.

GO ASS!!! 

The pallet and rendering are mind blowing, Im still trying to master

GO ASS !!!
Naga by DigitalSashimi
KYXY showed me how beautiful nagas can be.. so i drew myself one :DD GOGO TITANS!! 
Calie's bird Wonderland by ebas
Calie's bird Wonderland

Can any of you tell the difference between an actual commission and a sketch? I imagine not so much, but for me there's a big difference. the real question is that if people cant really tell then why take SO long to finish a commission? i get told all the time to draw faster cause no one can tell the difference.

Well this is an actual commission and im very happy with it. i dont like to draw straight on shots of females, squared off shoulders are not attractive and that's the way Olympic swimmers swimmers stand. On top of that shes smiling and that's always hard for me, but i felt this one turned out ok.

Approaching this piece was a challenge because most of it was left uninked so the white appears more white, so i left a lot in pencil.

The snow was my fav part especially by her knee's because it looks crunchy and soft at the same time. Obviously this piece belongs to Ralph

GO ASS!!! 

Harley Quinn licking blood by ebas
Harley Quinn licking blood
My current fav of Harley Quinn I've done in copic marker in recent memory. I've wanted to depict her just like this for so long but it was one of those " I can picture it in my mind, but failed to put into being until now. I love when a plan works out.

I used more of the brush tip of the marker on this one and I like the softness and the blending on her face. I didnt use reference on this one, so i guess her "O" face is natural for me

The plot on this one was that she would look at you this way after breaking your legs, saying something cheesy like, "u taste so good"

GO ASS !!!
Star wars chick  by ebas
Star wars chick
i'm not sure who this is but it was a con sketch in copic marker, done awhile ago but never shared. I look back at it now and can't honestly believe how I got it all done so fast in one day and time to do another.

I drew hips a lot thicker back then but being meaty and having a powerful stance works well hand-in-hand. I don't like to draw leveled shoulders and hips so I always tilted the hips to add more flow If that makes sense

The red marker on her nose did an ink blot and it was hard to cover up but I think I made it work, oh well

GO ASS !!!


eric basaldua
United States
this is me at a draw-off auction at wizard world texas 09

there is a big room where all these other artist gather and mount up at an easel, and do there stuff....

i know im known for my hot chick drawings, but when holding up a piece of art for a crowd to look at u want to go with something that has more punch....this wolvie and batt piece scored the third highest bid after lee bermejo and marko dejurjovic.... which feels pretty good....and a local radio station that does comics and art interviewed me on this piece...which also feels pretty good...

go ass!!!

Current Residence: LA baby!!
Favourite genre of music: i litterally like everything, rap, country, rock, pop...all expressions of ones self
Favourite photographer: me
Favourite style of art: dynamic art...
Operating System: i dont know squat about computers except how to break them
MP3 player of choice: ipod and itouch...yes i two, i keep losing them
Shell of choice: i dont know what this means
Wallpaper of choice: either a hot chick or art and my friends
Skin of choice: ??
Favourite cartoon character: hmm...prob He-Man
Personal Quote: give me music and i'll build u a house...take away my music and i'll build u a mail box
ok i never do this. i hate typing. and now i have a mrs and shes expecting so im never gonna have time to type again. sniff and sniff again

for those of u that need more eBas art. i update my facebook more often than i do here. its faster and easier. and i have a page run by the awesome and good looking matt bryce. he updates it pretty frequently and bugs me everyday if i have new things to post. so hit it up and make sure u tell him thanks for all his hard work
  • Listening to: love dump by static x
  • Reading: all my replys and many long ones
  • Watching: myself playing with myself
  • Playing: my fiance's thong!!
  • Eating: the eraser shavings off the floor
  • Drinking: rum

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beachbead Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… (found one of your works colored hear but she flat out refuses to give credit.)
lilleshall06 Featured By Owner May 2, 2016
Ebas! This image is amazing! Could I buy the rights to use it?…
Many thanks!
ebas Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
Cool, thanks
myth2magic Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
Thanks for attending ECCC, appreciate you taking the time to sign some classic Grimm Fairy Tales and Penny for your Soul covers!
ebas Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
My friend it was my pleasure
ANGEETCOEUR Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016
Excellent... i would like to be draw by you...
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well since i'm here i'll be negative.  you made a page yeah your great and never post anything new, or reply to your fans, and Deviant art has had its life, time to move on to paetreon how ever its spelled..... i used to watch you cause i was hoping to see new art from you, but i guess that didn't work out... oh well good luck on your job, later,  not that there will be a later, but you know what i mean
ebas Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
Sorry buddy,I'll try and post more
knytcrawlr Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing work, Ebas, always a pleasure to swing by your gallery.

I hope you don't mind, but I layed down some colours on your Starfire…

Hope you dig, keep the good stuff coming.

darknesspharoah Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heard you love ass, me too bro!
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